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Build the deck of your dreams with Golden Key Construction team

◦ Golden Key Construction offers a professional and comprehensive composite hardwood & softwood decking installation service

◦ Golden Key Construction works with many types of decking materials, such as:
⁃ composite decking
⁃ pressure-treated decking
⁃ vinyl decking
⁃ and more

◦ We can give you a selection of low-maintenance, eco-friendly and high-performance qualities.

◦ Golden Key Construction will work with you to achieve the exact look and style to help you create the perfect outdoor living space.

◦ 25 years experience of commercial and residential installations to the highest levels.

◦ If you’re ready for a new deck, ours is the team to trust!

hardwood & softwood decking service


We do free estimates, we need just a call and will be there right away to find out the problem and fix it for you. (929) 564-4310

About Us

Golden Key Construction Group is a North America based enterprise.
We have founded our group on the principles of integrity, goodwill and reliability.



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