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About Us

About Us


Experience A Better Way To Build.

Golden Key Construction Group is a North America based enterprise.
We have founded our group on the principles of integrity, goodwill and reliability.

We rely highly on customer’s experience and feedback. Our passion and core aim is to provide excellence and timely services.

Our customized services run the spectrum, from pre-construction and construction project managements, to design/build construction and post-construction services.

We work closely with our customers to ensure the projects envision their expectancies within the desired timeframe.

By choosing Golden Key Construction Group, you can have complete confidence in a well done project from start to finish.

Qualities that we aim for

We try to treat every project as if it were our own home that we were working on, and will not rest until everything is completed in the most perfect possible way.

If we have promised you the best quality of work or a timeline, we will go above and beyond to respect that promise.

Experience and Skills

These are few of the skills that we are proud of sharing..

Project planning 100%
Painting 100%
Renovation 95%