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Chimney rebuild: Why is it necessary?

Chimney rebuild is a service you do not do often but is very necessary and crucial. Rebuilding a chimney sometimes is very important for the safety of your house and we know that it can be very overwhelming. However with the right professionals, it is a very easy procedure and your chimney will be safe and good as new. 

Why should I rebuild my chimney?

 There are many reasons for a chimney rebuild, but here are some of them: 

  • Stop water leaks around the chimney. Yes chimneys are one of the most common sources for roof leaking and if you do not do something about it, it can cause the roof big damages. 
  • Improves fireplace performance. A new chimney will be able to improve the fireplace and keep your house warmer. 
  • Safety reasons. Damaged and old chimneys are the cause of a lot of house damages, like roof leakings, bad smell in the house and sometimes can cause the house to burn down. 

What causes chimney damages? 

Chimneys are very likely to be damaged by the weather. The primary factor that damages a chimney is water. The rain and the snow have a negative impact on the chimney especially if the water or the liquids freeze and defreeze, because this causes the thing called spalling. 

But what is spalling? Spalling causes the bricks of the chimney to pop or flake and over time they fall ofl, leading to water getting inside the house. Usually, damaged brickwork needs a complete rebuild. Moisture affects the outside of your chimney and the inner parts as well. Water can even cause the interior metal parts to rust.    

Types of chimney rebuild

There Is partial and complete rebuild for chimneys. 

A partial rebuild works best for small chimneys where scaffolding isn’t required. A partial rebuilding means you only need one part of your chimney replaced, such as the crown. This type of rebuild is for chimney’s that only have damage at the top.

 A complete rebuild is necessary when you have extensive damages on your chimney and includes rebuilding the outside bricks and the crown.  

Structural chimney issues

Some chimneys’ structural issues are for example when your chimney is too short and can’t create enough draft then it is necessary to make a taller chimney. If your chimney is falling, tilting or spalling then it is best to rebuild it, in this way you keep your house safer and it increases the value of the house if you plan on selling or leasing it. 

Chimney rebuild service  

It is best to have a yearly inspection with professional chimney contractors for your chimney. In this way you can spot dangerous issues and you can protect your house and family. If you want to have a chimney rebuild it is better to do an inspection with a trusted contractor. Make sure you contact the right construction company. Golden Key Construction Group is known to be one of the best construction companies in New York.

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