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Signs you need a roof repair

Let’s all be honest none of us thinks about the roof we have over our heads, we simply forget to check it. We think about the roof only when the roof starts leaking or we see a big visible damage. But don’t you worry, we are here to help you read the signs that you probably need a roof repair.  

When to get a roof repair

  • When the electricity bill is too high. Yes you read that right.  If you suddenly see a spike in your air conditioning or heating costs, the cool or warm air may be leaking out through your roof. But if you address this ventilation issue in your attic, your heating and cooling expenses should drop. 
  • Damaged shingles. If you see curled or cracked shingles this means that they are at the end of their life, and if you do not repair them soon your roof will start leaking. 
  • Wear and tear around roof objects and openings. Chimneys, vents, pipes, and other objects that penetrate your roof are places where deterioration may initially develop. 
  • Unwanted Houseplants. Moss can look great in a shady corner of your yard but on a roof, it spells trouble. Moss indicates there may be trapped moisture, which can ruin a roof. 
  • Light coming through your roof. Make it a habit of turning out the lights in the upper rooms of your home and looking up at the roof every once in a while. The best time to do this is at sunset, as it will be dark enough inside with the lights out yet bright enough outside for you to see the light coming through. Light coming in from your roof could mean that you have cracks and holes in your roof – which should be attended to as soon as possible. 
  • Sagging. The top of your roof should follow a straight line along the ridge. If there is a saddleback or sag in the middle, it may be a warning sign of structural damage and might cause your roof to collapse if not detected and treated early.  
  • Damaged flashing. Flashing is the material placed around objects that protrude from roofs, such as your chimney and roof vents. Flashing is designed to prevent the movement of water into your roof by averting the water away from seams where water runoff is greater. 

 Your flashing may be damaged as a result of the caulking material under the flashing drying out or deterioration of the material caused by weather and oxidation. 

If your roof has any of these issues, we recommend you to call a roofing contractor that will help you save your roof. Golden Key Construction contractors are the best in the area of New York.

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